Holistic Skin Therapy

+ Signature Facial Healing Treatment - 60min $85

+ Series of (4) Signature Treatments $300

Begins with an in-depth discussion regarding skincare regimen, goals, health, lifestyle, diet and skin analysis.

A meditative + therapeutic treatment that nourishes and cleanses the skin with pure oils, plant extracts, medicinal clay’s and nutraceuticals

Senja’s “Signature” face, scalp and neck massage are an integral component to the treatment.

benefits of facial massage include: increased collagen production, delivery of fresh oxygen to the cells, stimulates circulation, promotes detoxification + lymph drainage, can releases held stress+trauma, resets the nervous system and readies the skin for the final phases of the treatment, which include a customized nutrient rich mask. concluded with skin-type appropriate herbal hydrosols and hand crafted facial serums that nourish, protect and heal the Skin. includes an indulgent hand and foot massage to help balance the nervous system and further deep relaxation.

All products are pure, ethically sourced, cruelty free and plant based. 

+ SkinHealth Follow Up - $40 (per clients request) generated via email

Comprehensive protocol that will be created listing morning and evening product suggestions as well as internal health recommendations, mindfulness techniques and rituals meant to promote healthy balanced skin and overall Well-Being

+ Series of (4) is non - redeemable after 6mths from purchase and non-transferable